Buenos Aires – Rio

Travel route

Route for 21 nights: Buenos Aires (4), Salta (2), Iruya (1), Purmamarca (1), Salta (2), Puerto Iguazu (2), São Paulo (2), Paraty (3), Ilha Grande (2-3), Rio (2-3)

In the end i was leaving 4 days earlier, because of Covid-19 development: Paraty (+1), Ilha Grande (-), Rio (0)

Argentina at a glance: Buenos Aires, the region around Salta and Puerto Iguazú


From Iguacu to São Paulo, Paraty, Ilha Grande and Rio

21 Days would have been the perfect time to explore the culture in the beginning and hang out at the beach in the end. Too bad Covid-19 changed the situation. But with 1 week left for Ilha Granda and Rio, timing would have been perfect.