Salta and around


March 4th, 5th, 8th and 9th (4 nights)

Nice charming city and a perfect starting point for the surrounding nature hotspots.

Learning: Exchange your blue dollars in B.A., here the rate is much worse.

Cafayate Tour

March 5ths

One day tour to a wine distillery in the south, including great canyon look-alike scenery.


March 6th (1 night)

Spending half the day on the public bus from Salta to Humahuaca and straight to Iruya. The village is tiny and not really a luxurious place to stay – but having a mountain panoramic view out of the bed was fantastic. If you stay 2
nights (which i recommend but didn’t do) you should consider doing the hiking tour to San Isidro. People who went there very much recommended doing it. For the afternoon, its a good idea to hike up to
Mirador del Cóndor (~2h) to see and hear the Andean condor. If you have time and energy left, you can go an hour further to a nearby waterfall.

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Purmamarca, Humahuaca & Hornocal

March 7th (1 night in Purmamarca)

7-colored mounts, nice small town and easy walking around.

Humahuaca &
Hornocal: Stop to Iruya.

Salinas Grandes

March 8th

White dessert in the province of Jujuy, altitude of 3450m. Over 200km². There are tours from Purmamarca to Salinas Grandes. I met the tour company there, which i used to do the Cafayate Tour – and opted-in for a ride back to Salta

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